Getting started is easy

It's a simple online process to open an account. Then you can transfer money in from your bank.

Decide whether you want more flexibility from shorter term loans, or prefer to commit your money for longer and earn a higher rate of interest.

Choose your lending option

Lend at an average rate of 3.8% * in 2 & 3 year loans

Lend at an average rate of 5.0% * in 4 & 5 year loans

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* Annualised projected return on money lent out, after expected defaults, but before tax. With peer-to-peer lending your capital is at risk, our risk statement has the details.

We take care of the rest

Your money goes into a queue with other lenders to be matched to borrowers.

Your money is split into chunks of at least £10 and lent to many different borrowers to diversify your portfolio. No more than 2% of the total amount you offer will go to any single borrower.

Each month borrowers pay back capital and interest on your loans. These repayments can be recycled in new loans or withdrawn.

Your new loans will always be at our latest rates, meaning that your loanbook rates will evolve over time, in line with the Zopa market.

What the press says

“It is far better than any High Street savings rate in the UK and the money can be accessed in an emergency.”

14 January 2014

Until you want to withdraw

You can choose when and how to access your money. You can either withdraw your monthly repayments as it's paid back by borrowers.

Or, if you want to access a lump sum, you can sell your outstanding loans to other lenders. If you choose to do this our system will automatically find new lenders for your loans. You will pay a 1% fee on the value sold plus any amount due if the interest rate on your loans is less than the new lender could get from new borrowers.

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Change your options at any time

You can update your lending preferences at any time, which then applies to any new money or re-payments that you lend after you make the change

To date, we've helped lend £1.09bn, earning our lenders £62m in interest

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