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The power of compound interest

20 Aug 2014

Anyone who is serious about their finances and looking to maximise their returns should get clued up about compound interest. Although compound interest is a relatively simple concept, it can be an incredibly powerful force for growing your money. Given enough time, even a modest investment can grow significantly when the returns are compounded.

The Power of the Crowd, and the Death of the Middleman

11 Aug 2014

As you’re already on the Zopa website, I’m guessing you already know how Zopa works. And there’s a good chance you think Zopa offers a great service. I certainly think it does. In fact, I think Zopa is a truly fantastic company. It has cut out the middleman and offers great deals for both borrowers and lenders. But beyond those great deals, I think there’s another reason to be really positive about Zopa. You see, Zopa was a true ‘crowd finance’ pioneer, and it’s led the way for lots of other sites to follow on behind.

Matching Engine and Rapid Returns updates

01 Aug 2014

On the 11th June I announced changes to the way loans are matched to lender funds. The changes made so far mean that lender funds on offer can regularly be reduced to zero on any one day, as is currently happening in the longer market. The next of these changes will be released this week. This will display new funds and repayments separately and show when the funds were placed on offer. This allows repayment money to be re-lent quickly, while also allowing those placing new funds to see how long it is taking for their money to be lent out.

What would a Bank of England interest rate increase mean for lenders?

22 Jul 2014

The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, recently suggested during his Mansion House speech that an interest raise rise “could happen sooner than markets currently expect”, leading many analysts to suggest it may happen as early as the end of this year.

Zopa's Summer Party

18 Jul 2014

Recently we celebrated our ninth birthday with over 350 Zopa customers at our annual summer party. We saw a wide range of both lenders and borrowers join our team for a few drinks and nibbles at the Fable Bar close to Zopa’s offices in London.