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Lending Queue FAQ

24 Nov 2014

We value transparency regarding your lending here at Zopa and that is why we are working to provide better visibility to see where your money is in the lending queue. We are working on improving this and updates will be introduced to My Zopa over the coming weeks.

Zopa named Best P2P lender by MoneyWeek

11 Nov 2014

We are very proud to announce that Zopa has been voted Best P2P lender in the MoneyWeek Readers’ Choice Awards 2014.

Alternative finance market set to double in 2015 – Nesta report

10 Nov 2014

A new report. from Nesta and the University of Cambridge highlights how the UK alternative finance sector has more than doubled in the last year and is set to grow to $4.4bn in 2015.

Home Improvement Index - DIY ROI

04 Nov 2014

Us Brits love our homes, we consider them to be our castles and the main asset we own. We also love the odd bit of DIY, although most of us would probably admit that we are less handy in reality. With the housing market currently adding huge amounts to the value of homes across the country, at Zopa, we thought it would be good to show which area of your home can provide the most return on investment (ROI) and add the most value to your property.

Updates to My Zopa

27 Oct 2014

Over the coming weeks we’ll be making some changes to the logged in account pages for lenders, called My Zopa.

P2P ISA update – government consultation

17 Oct 2014

The government has today confirmed plans to include peer-to-peer lending in ISAs following an initial announcement in this year's Budget. The consultation paper published today by the Treasury explores how P2P could be included in the ISA structure and a consultation period is now underway to gather feedback on how to best incorporate P2P into ISAs.

The cost of raising an adult - Infographic

16 Oct 2014

With the costs of bringing up a child spiralling in the UK, British parents could be forgiven for hoping that their offspring will be off their hands (and wallets) by the time they reach adulthood. However, our latest research reveals that children continue to cost their parents an average of £32,664 through early adulthood (between the ages of 18 and 30).

Zopa Appoints Chief Operating Officer

02 Oct 2014

We are very happy to announce that we have appointed Jaidev Janardana who will become the company’s Chief Operating Officer in a strategic hire for Zopa, strengthening our management team for additional growth.

Second Hand Cars - Top 5 Best Buys

30 Sep 2014

With the new vehicle registration number plates out, many people may be considering buying a new car. However, buying a new car can mean paying out a lot of money especially when the car will depreciate as soon you drive it off the dealership's forecourt.

Zopa Money Trees

26 Sep 2014

The Zopa team was recently at a busy London station to show Brits how we can help them grow their money. Along with Daniel, a market trader, we handed out plants that came attached with free money to illustrate that money can indeed grow on trees, and more importantly spread the word about peer-to-peer lending through Zopa. We even had some “grow your money” beans that commuters could plant when they got home.

More recognition for Zopa

17 Sep 2014

We are delighted to share two exciting pieces of news around Zopa as a business. As a pioneer of peer-to-peer lending it is our mission to deliver great value for everyone by making money simple and fair. These recognitions highlight Zopa as one of the UK’s most exciting and fastest growing companies.

Alternative Transfer List

28 Aug 2014

Around this time every year, football fans up and down the country urge managers and chairmen to put their hands in their pockets and invest additional transfer funds in new talent to improve their team’s prospects. But not every big-money move goes to plan: for every Thierry Henry or Eric Cantona there is an Andy Carroll, Fernando Torres or Andriy Shevchenko.

The power of compound interest

20 Aug 2014

Anyone who is serious about their finances and looking to maximise their returns should get clued up about compound interest. Although compound interest is a relatively simple concept, it can be an incredibly powerful force for growing your money. Given enough time, even a modest investment can grow significantly when the returns are compounded.

The Power of the Crowd, and the Death of the Middleman

11 Aug 2014

As you’re already on the Zopa website, I’m guessing you already know how Zopa works. And there’s a good chance you think Zopa offers a great service. I certainly think it does. In fact, I think Zopa is a truly fantastic company. It has cut out the middleman and offers great deals for both borrowers and lenders. But beyond those great deals, I think there’s another reason to be really positive about Zopa. You see, Zopa was a true ‘crowd finance’ pioneer, and it’s led the way for lots of other sites to follow on behind.

Matching Engine and Rapid Returns updates

01 Aug 2014

On the 11th June I announced changes to the way loans are matched to lender funds. The changes made so far mean that lender funds on offer can regularly be reduced to zero on any one day, as is currently happening in the longer market. The next of these changes will be released this week. This will display new funds and repayments separately and show when the funds were placed on offer. This allows repayment money to be re-lent quickly, while also allowing those placing new funds to see how long it is taking for their money to be lent out.


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