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The fintech revolution is well under way

28 Apr 2015

We often talk about the sharing-economy aspect of peer-to-peer lending on this blog without acknowledging the importance of technological advances to what Zopa does.

The sharing economy generation

24 Apr 2015

The global sharing economy is taking off, and young people are set to be its main drivers. Those are the conclusions of a report published earlier this month by analyst PwC.

Will deflation have an impact on the general election?

21 Apr 2015

Next month’s general election will take place at a strange time for the UK economy. Official figures have just revealed that the main measure of inflation has hit 0% for the first time in half a century.

Bringing great rates and better loans into secured auto-lending

17 Apr 2015

1 in every 600 cars in the UK was financed by an unsecured personal loan from Zopa - in the last 12 months alone Zopa lenders have helped more than 14,000 people buy a car.

Why the electoral roll is important for your credit score

17 Apr 2015

There are less than three weeks to go until this year’s General Election and for people who have not yet signed up to vote, time has almost run out: the deadline for voter registration is next Monday, 20 April.

Bringing great rates and better loans to more UK borrowers

16 Apr 2015

It's 10 years since Zopa matched our first borrower to lenders. Since then we've been on a mission to help everyday people earn more on their money by bringing great rates, and better loans to more sensible borrowers.

How to spring clean your finances

14 Apr 2015

It’s spring and the start of a new tax year, so what better time to have a review of your financial situation.

Zopa meets Create My Case owner Daniel - Video

13 Apr 2015

At Zopa we don't just help out everyday consumers with personal loans we also help some of the 3.5 million sole traders in the UK to get a better deal on a business loan.

How April's tax changes affect you

10 Apr 2015

April always brings amendments to the tax system, but this year’s wide-ranging changes feel more like a thorough overhaul than the usual tinkering.

Zopa meets lender Vicky from Manchester

07 Apr 2015

Teaching assistant Vicky Gilbertson has been a peer-to-peer lender for just over two years: she signed up with Zopa in order to build up a nest egg for her two boys Tom, seven, and Alfie, five.

Don't let tax be taxing

31 Mar 2015

With the end of the financial year just a few days away many people will be thinking of ways to ensure they pay as little tax as possible.

Pension freedoms - Changes to annuities

27 Mar 2015

George Osborne used his recent Budget to introduce yet another twist to the pension reforms that are due to kick off early next month.

Zopa 10 year party video

26 Mar 2015

We like to reward our customers a bit differently as each year we invite them to a customer party to meet the Zopa team and to say thank you.

Budget 2015 - Bad debt relief & tax free lending

24 Mar 2015

The way people are taxed on their savings and investments has been in the news over the last few days thanks to reforms announced in last week’s Budget.


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