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Good things happen in the middle. It's the same for investing.

The middle is great. The warm, gooey centre of a cheese toastie. The Godfather Part II. Or the adrenaline that only comes from running around the middle of the pitch.

Our Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) is nestled in the middle, between low risk, low yield cash ISAs and volatile, high return stocks and shares ISAs, meaning you get the returns you expect for a risk you’re comfortable with. What's more, transferring in from an existing ISA won’t impact this year's allowance.

To celebrate our 'just right' IFISA, we’re offering up to £100 cashback when you fund your IFISA between 11 February and 15 May. Terms and conditions apply.

When you invest your money, your capital is at risk and is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. Our risk statement has all the details.

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Our Innovative Finance ISA offers annual target returns of 4.5% and 5.2% in ISA-Core and ISA-Plus respectively; even for previous years' ISAs.

You can earn a cashback of 0.5% on the amount of money you fund into your Zopa ISA during the offer period.

Minimum eligible investment is £2,000, earning a cashback of £10. The maximum cashback you can receive is £100, if you invest £20,000 or more. The funds can be either new funding or funds transferred from other ISA managers to Zopa.

*A 1% fee applies when selling loans

Terms and conditions

  1. Total funding needs to be at least £2,000 to be eligible for cashback
    1. ISA new funding: You need to ensure that the new money arrives in your Zopa ISA lending account between 11 February and midnight 15 May 2019 (the "offer period").
    2. ISA Transfer in: You need to ensure that your ISA Transfer-In forms arrive at Zopa before the end of the offer period.
  2. This money must be invested in Core or Plus in your ISA account and disbursed to borrowers by midnight 15 July 2019.
  3. Any funds you place in your regular investment account do not qualify for cashback.
  4. The £2,000 or more that you add during the offer period can be a lump sum, multiple deposits, or a combination of transfer in and new money. In the case of transfer in, funds can be included in one ISA transfer form or multiple forms – multiple forms can include funds at multiple ISA managers. Funds can be divided between Core and Plus products.
  5. You must not request a withdrawal of funds or offer to sell any loans to the secondary market during the offer period or while any of the new money funded during the offer period is being matched to borrowers.
  6. The maximum amount of cashback you can earn from this promotion is £100.
  7. Any loans you acquire through the secondary market also count towards the amount invested.
  8. We'll credit the amount of cashback you've earned no later than 30 July 2019. We'll add the cashback to your investment holdings.
  9. You must be an individual investor to qualify.
  10. We may withdraw this offer at any time and will do so if the total amount of new funds lent out during the offer period exceeds £15 million.
  11. We may amend, withdraw or extend any or all elements of this offer at any time, without prior notice.
  12. This offer may be used in conjunction with the Zopa Member Referral scheme. It can't be combined with any other offer, promotion, discount or scheme offered by Zopa or any other body.

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