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How to transfer into a Zopa ISA

Three ways to put money in:

  1. Transfer money to your Zopa ISA from your bank

  2. Sell your current Zopa loans for cash, then transfer into your Zopa ISA

  3. Transfer ISA savings from another ISA manager into a Zopa ISA

  4. Remember: our IFISA is still a peer-to-peer investment, meaning it carries more risk than a cash ISA.


. Transfer money from your bank

You can put money directly into your Zopa ISA via bank transfer. Simply click 'Open an ISA account' in 'My Zopa' and choose which product to lend in. We'll then provide you with our bank details and your new ISA Z-reference.

Why another Z-reference?

HMRC requires us to report each year on how much money is being held in customer accounts within a tax-free wrapper, and how much has been funded into these accounts in the tax year. Therefore, to monitor how much money is being held in ISAs, we need to track this via a separate Z-reference.


. Sell your current Zopa loans

HMRC rules and regulations state that existing loans you own can't be transferred directly into ISA accounts. Fortunately, you can still sell your loans for cash and then transfer the cash present in your holding accounts into your new Zopa ISA account. Remember, not all loans can be sold.

You can also transfer over your repayments alone. To do so, simply turn off re-lending and transfer your desired amount into your ISA using the transfer to ISA functionality.


. Transfer in ISAs from another ISA manager

A lot of ISA providers advertise great rates for the first year of your ISA, and then drop them once that tax year's over. We don't do that: previous years' ISAs earn at the same rate as current year ones.

How does it work?

You'll need to have an ISA account with us before we can transfer in your old ISAs. Don't worry, as long as you don't add money for this year it won't affect your 2018/19 annual allowance.

Diagram showing the ISA transfer process

Although our process is the same for both partial and full transfers, some ISA managers do not allow partial transfers. As a consequence we suggest you contact them in advance to learn about their terms (i.e., fees) and ensure that transfers are possible.

Overall, once we have received your form, an ISA transfer can take up to 20 days, depending on if you have a cash ISA or stocks and shares ISA.

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