A record to be proud of

From launching the world’s first peer-to-peer platform to weathering a financial crisis, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved over the years.

To help you make an informed decision, take a look at our past investment performance. But remember, our past performance isn’t a guarantee for future results.

Have a look at our middle performing investors

These are our ‘median’ investors, as of April 1st 2019. They’re right in the middle – about 50% of investors have performed better and 50% worse.

Zopa Core
Zopa Plus

‘Jen’ has achieved annual returns of

‘Dan’ has achieved annual returns of


Her target return was4.1%

His target return was4.9%

That’s the middle investor, here’s a look at the vast majority:

Zopa Core
Zopa Plus
over 2.7%

Annual return achieved by 90% of Zopa Core investors

over 3.4%

Annual return achieved by 90% of Zopa Plus investors

So far, fewer than 1% of our investors have made a loss. Of these investors, the average loss amounts to less than 1% of the money they invested.

We also continuously measure our loan returns by comparing what we expected them to be against actual returns. Have a closer look at the historical performance of our loan book.

Zopa vs. other investments

runners on track

At Zopa, we aim for our peer-to-peer investments to be nestled in the middle between low-risk, low-yielding savings accounts and volatile, high-return stocks and shares investments.

By accepting more risk, you could earn better returns than a savings account, allowing you to beat inflation. All of this with less volatility than a stocks and shares investment.

Take a look at Zopa returns compared with stocks and shares, the rate of inflation and deposit accounts.

Zopa offers stable, inflation-beating returns

Annual returns

Zopa returns compared to other investments

But remember, you can’t predict the future

Our past performance can’t be relied on as an indicator for future results.

You can read about our risk information and Zopa’s public loan book, showing historical performance, is available to download.

Contingency, if the worst should happen

Our business is robust, but we also make sure your loans are taken care of if Zopa were to go out of business. If the worst were to happen:

While Zopa creates and services your loans, the right to receive repayments is transferred to you when you invest in a loan. That remains the case even if Zopa ceased to exist.
We have arrangements in place to make sure that someone else will service your loans. The borrower loan servicing fees taken from loan repayments will be used to cover the ongoing costs of managing our loan book. This means an independent servicer will continue to handle your loans for you, so you can keep receiving your payments at no extra cost.
Zopa holds no claim to the money that you invest. In line with FCA rules any cash you have invested with Zopa is ringfenced in a separate client money account and not with Zopa’s own funds.

Invest with confidence

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UK Finance Member

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Most Trusted P2P Platform

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When you invest your money, your capital is at risk and is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Our risk statement has all the details. Tax treatment depends on your circumstances and may be subject to change.

Peer-to-peer investments are not like other investments, so before you continue make sure you’ve read and understood all of the information above.

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