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Updated a month ago

If I choose a set amount, will this always stay the same?

There are some situations where your set amount might change. If it’s more than your credit card’s full statement balance, we’ll only charge you...

Updated a month ago

What happens if I miss a payment?

Every month, we’ll take your automatic payment three days before your due date. If it fails, we’ll let you know and try to take payment again on your...

Updated a month ago

What if my automatic payment falls on a weekend or bank holiday?

Don’t worry, that won’t make a difference, we’ll still take your payment as normal on the date you’ve...

Updated a month ago

How will you let me know if you’re going to change my interest rate?

When the Bank of England announces a change to the base rate that affects your interest rate, we’ll apply this to your account within 20 working...

Updated a month ago

What is the Bank of England base rate?

The Bank of England (BoE) sets a base rate for the UK which most lenders use to guide their interest rates. You can see the current Bank of England...

Updated a month ago

How do I change or cancel my automatic payment amount? 

You’ll need to head to the Zopa app to do this. Go to the Credit Card section and ‘My account’ and then ‘Manage payments’. There, you’ll see your...

Updated a month ago

What’s an automatic payment and how does it work?

With automatic payments, you’ll automatically pay your Zopa credit card account by the due date. It gives you one less thing to worry about each...

Updated a month ago

How do base rate changes affect me?

The interest rate of your Zopa credit card is linked to the BoE’s base rate. If that rate goes up or down, we’ll change your interest rate by the...

Updated a month ago

Will my automatic payment amount change if I make extra one-off payments during the month?

Yes. We automatically factor this in so you never pay more than you need to. We’ll subtract what you pay from your automatic repayment, whether...

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