Why can’t I add new funds to my investment?

Updated 4 months ago

As a result of our strong performance last year, we continue to see lots of investment despite the pandemic, with levels of new funding the highest they’ve been in two years and loan sale volumes the lowest since 2018. Combined with our diversified business model since bank launch, this means we have lots of money on our platform that needs to be matched with the right loans to help investors reach their projected returns. This has resulted in queue times going up.

We can see that investors who make lump sum payments into Zopa have twice as much money waiting to be matched as those who simply reinvest repayments. That’s why we’ve decided to pause new money coming into the platform.

What happens if I try to add money to my investment?

Any new money that you try to add to your investment will be returned to your bank account. Please note it may take three working days to reach your bank account.

What about my reinvested repayments?

Any money that’s already in the Zopa platform, for example in your holding account, or money you receive from repayments, can be reinvested, so there’s no change there.

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