When should I request to transfer my ISA?

Updated 1 year ago

Waiting for the sale of your loans to complete could help make the ISA transfer out process smoother for you. Once Zopa has bought back your entire portfolio, you’ll only need to request one full transfer out and all your funds will be moved over to your new ISA provider.  

If you request a full transfer out before the purchase of your loans is complete, we’ll only be able to process this once all your loans are sold. This may lead to some delays between you requesting your transfer out and it being fulfilled.

We can process partial transfer outs as we receive them, if funds are available as cash in your holding account. However, you’ll need to make multiple partial transfer out requests if you want to retain the tax-free wrapper for the full amount in your Zopa ISA, so it may be simpler to wait for the sale of your loans to complete and do everything in one. 

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