What happens if I change my mind?

Updated 11 months ago

It depends on your type of savings account and how you’ve funded your account.

Smart Saver

If you have savings in Access pots you can withdraw your money at any time, using the Zopa app. If all of your money is in Access pots, you’ll also be able to close your account in the ‘Manage’ section of the Zopa app.

If you have savings in Boosted pots you’ll need to give us notice inside the Zopa app before you can withdraw your savings and/or close your account.

If you haven’t paid in at least £1 within 30 calendar days of opening the account (including the day of opening), we may close your Smart Saver account on the grounds of it being unused.

Fixed Term Savings

As soon as you reach the £1,000 minimum your money is committed to the term and only available to you again at the end the term.

If you haven't paid in £1,000 by the time the paying in window ends, we'll close the Fixed Term Savings account and send anything you did pay in back to your bank.

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