Why am I seeing a blank screen when trying to make a repayment?

Updated 2 years ago

We’re aware that some customers are having a problem when trying to make repayments on their loan or credit card.

If you’re getting stuck on a blank page after submitting all of your payment details, this is likely due to an issue with something known as 3DS verification.

What is 3DS verification

3DS verification is a system that card issuers have in place on their side to help authorise payments and is not something that we can control.

What to do if this happens to you

If you’ve experienced this, we’re sorry for the inconvenience as your payment will most likely not have gone through.

If this is the case, here are a few tips on how to get around the issue:

  • Check your connection. Having poor signal or weak WiFi could be causing the verification page not to load
  • Check 3DS is enabled on the card you’re trying to make a payment on. You may be able to do this in your bank’s app or by contacting your bank

If neither of these apply and you still need to make a repayment you could:

  • Try to make the payment again using a different bank card if you have one
  • Make your payment by bank transfer

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