What are the latest weekly update numbers?

Updated 5 days ago

Projected returns

Over the last 4 weeks, we’ve matched loans with average projected returns of:

Zopa Core: 3.2%

Zopa Plus: 3.8%

These projected returns give a view of the rates we have been matching loans at most recently across all investors, but remember, your investment is expected to perform within the following projected ranges over time.

These are 2.0 - 4.0% for Core and 2.1 - 5.3% for Plus

Queue times

The average time it’s taking to match new money with loans is:

Zopa Core: 97 days

Zopa Plus: 83 days

What we mean by matching times

Although it may vary for individual investors, this is an estimate of the average amount of time it's taken to match investor funds to loans over the last four weeks. Every time you invest with us, we match your money across different borrowers to spread your risk.

Updated on 26/11/2021

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