I'm an investor, why is there a Zopa soft search on my credit file?

Updated 8 months ago

The P2P investment side of Zopa is closed. Through the purchase of the peer-to-peer portfolio, all investors have now received their funds back. You can find more information on the closure in the ‘Changes to P2P investments’ section of our FAQs.

If you’ve recently validated your bank details with us, this is probably the reason you’re seeing a soft search from Zopa on your credit file.

When we validate your bank details, we sometimes need to run a soft search on your credit file to help us confirm that the bank account that’s being linked to your Zopa investment is really yours. This step leads to better protection for the money you invest with us.

It’s important to note that this is what’s known as a ‘soft search’, meaning it’s invisible to others reviewing your credit file and has no impact on your credit score.

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