How do I find out what type of energy meter I have?

Updated 2 years ago

To switch energy provider with Zopa, you’ll need to know what type of energy meter you have. This helps us make sure your quote is accurate. To find out for sure which type of meter you have, you can contact your current energy supplier. However, there are also some clues to help you work out which meter you have:

Standard meters: These are the most common type of meter in the UK and measure your energy usage per hour. With these, you’ll probably be billed monthly or quarterly, and you might need to provide regular meter readings.

Economy 7/Economy 10 meter: If you get cheaper energy at ‘non-peak times’, such as late at night, you may have an ‘economy 7’ or ‘economy 10’ meter. You’ll need to contact your provider to confirm which you have.

Prepayment meter: If your energy is pay-as-you go, you’ve likely got a prepayment meter.

Smart meter: If details about your energy usage are automatically sent to your provider, so you don’t need to provide readings, you’ve likely got a smart meter.

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