How can I access my money from the new lender products?

Updated 1 year ago

The P2P investment side of Zopa is closed. Through the purchase of the peer-to-peer portfolio, all investors have now received their funds back. You can find more information on the closure in the ‘Changes to P2P investments’ section of our FAQs.

There are two ways you can access your money from our investment products.

1. Sell your loans to access a lump sum

If you want to withdraw a lump sum, you need to sell your loans to other investors. This service is always available as long as there are other investors to give your loan a new home. It's a speedy but not immediate service, as it isn't like an instant access bank account.

For Zopa Classic, Zopa Core and Zopa Plus there is a 1% fee associated with this service. If customers in Zopa Access wish to sell their loans, those loans will be prioritized for sale on the secondary market above loans from other lending products.

If the loan you're selling is at a lower rate than the lowest rate on a similar new loan today, you'll need to pay a small amount to the investor taking over your loan. This covers the extra interest they could have earned by buying a new loan instead.

Finally, accrued interest is not paid to the seller. If you have repayments due in 3 days, for example, but request a loan sale before then, you will not receive those repayments.

2. Collect your repayments in your holding account

You can choose to send all of your repayments directly to your holding account, from where you can withdraw it at no charge. However, it's important to remember that money in your holding account does not earn any interest. To keep your money active, you can set your repayments to go back into a product, where it will be automatically relent at the latest rates.

You can change where your repayments go via the "Manage" tab in my Zopa.

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