Have the Zopa Principles changed now you’re a bank?

Updated 1 year ago

The P2P investment side of Zopa is closing, so some actions are no longer available. We’ve emailed investors with all the details and you can find more information on the closure in the ‘Changes to P2P investments’ section of our FAQs.

When we launched our bank we chose to break out the Zopa Principles in a simpler way.

Originally, the Zopa Principles, which are like our terms and conditions, only needed to apply to peer-to-peer investments and loans. However, after we launched our bank, we were able to offer new things like fixed terms savings and credit cards. To make things simpler for all of our customers, we broke out all the important information for investors into dedicated Investor Principles, with a separate Terms of Use for everything else.

So, any provisions that are relevant to all of the products that we offer will be found in the Zopa Terms of Use. Points that apply only to peer-to-peer investments will be found in the Investor Principles. As we have done in the past, we’ll update you about relevant changes to these by email.

This means, if you previously signed up to the Zopa Principles:

If you are investor, the Terms of Use and the Investor Principles will apply to youIf you are a borrower, the Terms of Use will apply to you in addition to your loan contract.

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