Can I see what my monthly repayments will be?

Updated 1 year ago

Yes, you can – via your loan book (there's a link to it on your investment summary).

Bear in mind, though, that these aren't fixed sums: they're what we would expect a borrower to repay each month, with interest, should they pay back consistently over the term of their loan. But sometimes, often actually with our borrowers, they pay back early, or overpay each month. So the amounts can vary.

Also, the first repayment you receive from a borrower will always be slightly larger than subsequent ones: this is because we don't ask for payment until about six weeks after they get their loan.

Of course, with peer-to-peer lending, there's always a risk that a borrower will be unable to repay their loan, so this can also affect your expected monthly repayments.

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