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How to get maximum impact from an £800 bathroom renovation

Transform your bathroom for £800

3 min •

Three budget-friendly DIY projects to give your home the wow-factor

How to turn £250 into home improvements that look a lot more expensive

2 min •

A step-by-step guide to an Insta-worthy kitchen update for less than £500

Get inspiration for your £500 renovation budget with these 2 DIY ideas

2 min •

How much you’ll spend to start road cycling

Inspired to start cycling by the Tour de France? Mani, founder of the Black Cyclists Network, breaks down what it will cost to…

3 min •

The cost of being eco: replacing cling film

Lauren Bravo explores the options and the costs for replacing cling film with an environmentally friendly alternative

2 min •

Teaching children about money – tips from Zopa’s dads

We asked some of Zopa’s dads how they’re teaching their children about money and what they learned about finances from their own…

6 min •

A six-person, plant-based BBQ feast for under £25

Vegan BBQ recipes on a budget.

3 min •

A homemade Korean BBQ for 5 for under £25

An on-budget recipe for an at-home Korean BBQ

3 min •

Family-friendly BBQ recipes on a £15 budget

Family-friendly BBQ recipes on a budget

2 min •

The cost of being eco: switching to reusable nappies

We unpack the financial impact of switching from disposable to reusable nappies

2 min •

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