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Technology at Zopa

We welcome applications from everyone — regardless of age, disability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, parental status, race or religion.
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Agile tech at Zopa

Are you looking for a place where "agile" is more than just a buzzword?

We deliver production features in daily releases, which means we're set up to react almost instantly to changes in the economic environment (unlike many traditional financial companies).

And we're not just responsive. Our development teams and analysts are always researching ways to improve our products. As an agile organisation, we can roll out these new, advanced models and processes in a fraction of the time it would take others.

Java 8 C# .net Visual Studio ReactJS and React Native Python HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Kafka Docker Kubernetes RabbitMQ Redis Nginx Amazon Redshift Microsoft SQL Server Github Enterprise

You'll also like our tech if…

  • you like to solve big problems in small chunks
    (we're building a micro service architecture)
  • you want to build for scale with event-driven services
    (we use Apache Kafka, for instance)
  • you believe in scaling elastically
    (we use containers and Kubernetes running on AWS across most of our stacks)
  • you know that product and tech do their best work when they talk to each other regularly
    (we work in tribes and squads)
  • you prefer lean and effective communication
    (we take a practical approach to standups)
  • you're passionate about automation
    (we champion one-step build and deployment)
  • you're a fan of pair programming
  • you see the value in regular code reviews
  • you're into customer research, including in-house usability testing sessions

Meet a Software Developer

"You have the power to influence the solutions to a much greater degree than anywhere else that I've worked." — Joe

Applying with Zopa: what to expect

We know you want to find out about us as much as we want to find out about you. That's why our interview process isn't just about finding smart talented people, it's about finding people who are true Zopians.

Show our 5-step application process


. Phone call

Once you've applied online, our in-house recruitment team will review your application. If we think you have what we're looking for, we'll be in touch to schedule a chat with you to find out more about your goals, your interests, your background, your favourite animal… we want to hear it all! It's also your chance to ask us about Zopa and what makes a Zopian.


. Take home technical challenge

Next, so you can show us your skills and your passion for tech, we'll send you a tech test. We'll ask for you to return it within 3-4 days, but the sooner, the better. It's based on the type of projects that we do here and might include numbers and equations you're not used to. Don't worry, it's not so much about right and wrong answers, but your approach, the quality of your code, your flexibility and resourcefulness.


. Technical interview

Once you've proved your prowess in the tech test, we'll set up a technical interview with a senior member of the team. They'll be digging into the details and giving you more of an insight about the way we work at Zopa.


. Meet the team

After that, we'll find a convenient time for you to come to our office in London Bridge. You'll have interviews with a few different Zopians, so you can get a real feel for what it's like to work here.


. Meet the CTO

Lastly, we'll have you meet our CTO, either on in person or on the phone. You can ask the toughest questions you can think of, say hi to your friends from before, and that's it.

We know the pain of the waiting game, so our recruiters will keep in touch with you at every step and give you swift and honest feedback.

Working at Zopa

Find out more about how we work across the business, our benefits package, our company values.

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