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Get more from your money by lending it directly to sensible people.

Zopa Access

Great if you're new to Zopa, or if you want to dip into your money occasionally.


Annualised projected return after expected losses on money lent out

Zopa Classic

Great if you want to put your money away and leave it to grow.


Annualised projected return after expected losses on money lent out

Zopa Plus

Great if you're happy lending at Zopa and want a higher return for more risk.


Annualised projected return after expected losses on money lent out

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When you lend your money your capital is at risk and is not protected by FSCS. Our risk statement has all the details.

ISAs are coming soon

You will soon be able to open an Innovative Finance ISA at Zopa, which means your returns will be tax-free. You can subscribe up to £15,240 for the 2016/17 tax year. You will also be able to transfer ISAs from previous years into your Zopa ISA.

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Products explained

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At Zopa, we offer three lending products, with different levels of access and risk. As with all peer to peer lending, your capital is at risk.

We give choice around risk by offering Safeguard coverage in some products. This has been set up to cover losses but it’s not a guarantee.

In all three products, money is lent to individuals for up to 5 years.

You can withdraw your monthly repayments for free or can sell your loans at any time, as long as there are other lenders in the market to buy them.

Zopa Access is for lenders who are new to Zopa or who want to dip into their money occasionally for no access fee. All loans are covered by Safeguard.

Zopa Classic is great for lenders who want to earn a bit more by leaving their money to grow. You are covered by Safeguard and you can sell your loans, for a 1% fee.

Zopa Plus is for lenders willing to balance more risk for higher returns. Customers can lend across a wider range of risk markets. These loans are not covered by Safeguard. We have a minimum lending amount of £1,000 in Zopa Plus to spread your money across at least 100 borrowers to diversify risk.

As a Zopa lender, you can choose one or a combination of these products.

How Zopa works

Watch our video to find out how Zopa works

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At Zopa, we match people looking for a great return on their money with sensible people who want to borrow money, cutting out the banks so that both sides get a better deal.

It's easy to lend with Zopa: set up an account, transfer your money and it is automatically split into small micro loans that are lent to lots of different borrowers, each at a fixed rate.

Each month, borrowers make regular repayments of both the loan and interest. These go back into your Zopa account to be lent to new borrowers, which means you're lending out your original amount, and the interest you've already earned so your money grows over time.

You can access your money at any time by withdrawing the repayments or by selling your loans in a lump sum to other lenders.

We only lend to sensible, credit-worthy borrowers, but if a borrower is unable to meet their repayments we'll investigate and take the necessary action.

In the event that they can't repay the loan we have a Safeguard fund to protect you by covering lender losses, provided there is enough in the fund - it's not a guarantee, but to date it has paid out all covered loans.

We have measures in place to protect lenders, but it's important to recognise that your capital is at risk.

With Zopa, it's easy to lend online, and our award-winning customer support team is ready to help if you have any questions.

Join more than 50,000 everyday people who are getting more from their money while helping borrowers get a better deal with Zopa.

What the press says

“Big banks beware - innovative technology challengers are coming to eat your lunch.”

BBC, January 2014

How lending works

Zopa is easy to use, and doesn't rely on you having any expert knowledge. Opening an account is a simple, quick online process.

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Looking after your money

We have more than 10 years' experience of providing fair and competitive lending. We only lend to sensible borrowers who can afford to pay back. For lenders in our Access and Classic products we offer the additional cover of our Safeguard Fund. Safeguard has been set up to cover expected losses arising from borrowers defaulting on loans. Our loss expectations are based on our historical loan performance, and assume a similar economic environment. It is not a guarantee. To date, Safeguard has covered all money owed to lenders.

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Who uses Zopa?

We have 63,000 active lenders who have lent over £1.78bn with us.

Our lenders come from all walks of life, and all over the country and have different lending goals.

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To date, we've helped 63,000 individuals lend out over £1.78bn

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