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Here we showcase some of our members' stories and their views on Zopa.

  • Richard, 58, from Leicester


    Zopa has given me a solid savings alterative backed up with sound thinking to benefit not just savers but borrowers as well. I decided that the smart alternative to the banks for me had to be Zopa and peer to peer lending.

  • Patrick, 65, from Belfast


    It was obvious that Zopa offered the long term savings solution at a great rate and was too good to miss.

  • David, 48, from Dorset


    Once I retire I will be able to choose to continue to re-invest or take some or all of the returned interest from loan members as a valuable income.

  • Matt, 25, from Suffolk.


    If I can leave the money alone until I retire the original 10k will be earning nearly 5 grand a year in interest which will really boost the pension

  • Elaine, 64, from Taunton


    With Zopa I can lend money directly to other people, so no ethical problems. I can lend sums as small as £10, so I don't need a large money-pot. And Zopa will do the work for me, so I don't need to get involved in the administration of future fortune.

  • Graham, 54, from Kidderminster


    In a relatively short time my original investment of £1,750 added over a 12 month period has grown and grown and I have now lent out over £3,600!!

  • Karina, 34, from London


    I started saving with Zopa to diversify my overall financial portfolio. High street banks have no competitive offers, and with an exposure to the stock market already through ISAs, saving with Zopa is a good middle ground for me

  • Ryan, 24, from North Humberside


    I was introduced to Zopa by a friend, and I really enjoy using it. It's also great to know I can help those in need of a loan for whatever their needs.

  • Stephen, 43, from Surrey


    I'm hoping that my growing Zopa funds will enable me to keep travelling through my retirement.

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