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5.0% projected return

5.0% Projected return after fee for up to 5 years. 3 year option available.

  • High interest, solid returns
  • Your money is Safeguarded
  • You’ll receive monthly repayments
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You’re Safeguarded

Earn great returns on your savings with peace of mind. The Safeguard is a fund designed to step in and give you back all your money, plus interest, in the rare event a borrower cannot repay. Find out more about the Safeguard fund.

Who we are

  • The UK’s largest peer-to-peer lending company
  • Lent more than £516m since launch in 2005
  • Over 50k savers on board earning great returns

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What our savers say

Anyone can grow their savings at Zopa. Take a peek at our savers’ stories.

"I'm hoping that my growing Zopa funds will enable me to keep travelling through my retirement."

-- Stephen, 43

ISAs coming soon

We’re excited to announce that peer-to-peer ISAs will be available soon. Find out more on our blog

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