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Zopa is the world's first and UK’s leading peer-to-peer lending company - allowing people to bypass banks and their high charges, to put more back into the pockets of the UK’s savers and borrowers.

Zopa has over 50,000 active savers lending between £10 and £1 million and has a lower default rate on loans than the banks. This is achieved by only lending to the most credit worthy people, lending a minimum of £10 to each borrower, making sure that at least 200 savers make up a loan and finally having a Safeguard fund which steps in to protect savers in the rare occurrence a borrower cannot repay their loan, so that your money plus interest owed is paid back.

Zopa is a founding member of the industry group the P2PFA which has been calling for regulation to help maintain standards and build trust around the peer to peer lending industry. Regulation is due to come into force in April 2014.

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Key facts

  • Launched in the UK in 2005, Zopa is in its 10th year
  • Zopa has lent over £514m to UK consumers
  • Over £190m has been lent in last 12 months
  • Over £28m in interest earned by savers since Zopa launched
  • Over 50,000 active savers lend through Zopa
  • Total number of borrowers - 80,000+
  • Average loan size - £5,500
  • Average lent - £4,600
  • Average return to savers is 5.0%
  • Historical bad debt - 0.19% since 2010
  • Top three loan reasons: Car; Paying off credit cards; Home improvements
  • Safeguard fund total - over £3,425,178 and growing daily


All enquiries from the media should be put to: Helena Reid / Hannah Warmington, Brands2Life, on +44 (0)207 592 1200 or email

If you would like to interview or feature a Zopa member as a case study, simply call or email our press contacts above.

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